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MUSA (MUlti Sensor Algorithms) are patented algorithms that use simultaneous processing of data from multiple sensors. Deploying these algorithms allows you to look inside a machine or process where a sensor or camera cannot be placed.

Cultural capital

Cultural capital is not just the ability to understand literature, theatre and education. Cultural capital is primarily a set of skills that enable us to achieve our goals in a globalised human community.  

The ability to build a greenfield manufacturing plant in a foreign country or bring a new technology to market is not just a reflection of our technical ability, but above all of the culture that tells us how and what to do. This cultural capital, which enables us to build and develop our own industry, is what we want to develop first and foremost through 4dot activities. We see no reason why we should predominantly manufacture in our country; we believe that as well as manufacturing, we can develop, sell and manage foreign subsidiaries. For a deeper explanation, we recommend the English Wikipedia.

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